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Craftsmanship is something that experience has taught me; there's little room for "quick and dirty", as we need to focus on delivering the best work we can in the timeline the audience grants us. I'm entirely convinced this industry needs more of this approach.

After years of working in various agencies, far too often the instinct is to jump direct into ad buys, tactics or bells and whistles, but I believe the core concept should be strategically focused, with emphasis on the experience rather than the end result. In my mind, this creates stronger work, with more powerful results. History has proven this observation to be on point.

Personally, I'm constantly refining my process and approach; I want my work to innovate and push.  Every project for me is an opportunity to apply alternate perspectives throughout, whether it's leading a new business pitch, or creating solutions that have a business impact for clients, and an emotional impact for the audience.

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