As an aside - albeit a ramble, my love affair with Tim Hortons started long before I ever began working with their brand and communications teams. I think the first appliance I bought for the woods was a Tim Hortons coffee maker.

As one of Canada's most beloved brands, they had just forayed into the digital space, this is where I began, honing their website, focusing on social by improving their digital presence through Facebook, moving them into the YouTube environment and presenting social plans for them for years to come, I can honestly say I'm especially proud of my work with Tims, and proud of it. 

After moving into the corporate communications environment, I've produced Annual Reports and Corporate Responsibility Reports for Tim Hortons... The business of creative is different, the message to stakeholders has an adjusted focus, but the depth of knowledge from the marketing side I'm able to bring has been especially important for me - and I'm pleased as punch to have it.


The Great Coffee Conversation: 

There is no brand loved more than Tim Hortons when it comes to QSR in Canada. With a focus to remain the leader of coffee, I came to the realization that no one can tell the story of Tim Hortons coffee with the zeal and truth and love, that a satisfied customer can.

Travelling coast to coast, from restaurants to hockey rinks, we asked people to tell their story about Tim Hortons and how it fit into their lives. Some of the stories were funny, some were inspring, others were heart-warming smilers; but every single one was genuine and honest.

We met amazing people along the way, launched the videos in both Facebook (coupled with an extensive Facebook page overhaul (below) and on YouTube. Engagement was fantastic, and the views were astonishing.


There's 30 of these wonderful videos online.  View the entire collection on my Vimeo page.

So where to launch these videos?

Tim Hortons has a presence on Facebook that any brand would love to have. With close to 2,000,000 fans, they truly encapsulate the connection of company to user and play well in the space. However Tim Hortons was cautious about extending their presence to other social channels. WIth the Coffee Conversation (below) work, we had the perfect opportunity to put them into the online video space, and eased a Tim Hortons branded YouTube channel out, keeping a focus on content and understanding the needs of the brand.




Launching the Coffee Conversation videos on Facebook (see above) coupled with a YouTube launch told part of the Coffee Conversation story. However with an engaged audience within the Facebook environment, and understanding their actions in the space, we presented a weekly set of questions regarding Tim Hortons, that both enabled the brand to acquire measurements and analytics, but also use the data collected to visually display the love of the brand.

Updating the data visually on a weekly basis, week by week the page took on a life of a Tim Hortons infographic, based on user input.



Agency: henderson bas kohn
Strategy: Les Tapolczai, Jason Chesebrough
Creative Concept, Art Direction: Jason Chesebrough
Copywriting: Noah Feferman
Design: Matt Smith, Trevor Henry, Jason Chesebrough
Video Production: Cartilage Films

Account: Kathryn Long, Cory Smythe
Project Management: Kristen Neamtz