Toronto-Dominion Centre is the pinnacle of downtown structures, and one that define the financial core.

The issue with Toronto-Dominion Centre and leasing to potential tenants, is one of "bigger, brighter, newer" and that's a point in which the competition with brand new buildings plays up.

That said, I drew on the heritage aspect, coupled with the revitalization of TDC and used it as its strength. Instead of focusing on trying to 'beat' the competition, we focused on the fact that as a Mies van der Rohe design, this was a premium address, and one without equal.

The resulting video was part of a full packaged presentation given to potential tenants and brokers, and has resulted in near capacity leasing.

As part of the leasing presentation video, a digital presentation was created to guide potential brokers, investors and tenants throughout the benefits and amenities of signing an agreement with Toronto-Dominion Centre.

Compiled from a 3 day photo-shoot in which the photographer and myself scaled to the tallest tower (and hung off the side) to the depths of the basement, and throughout most of the financial and downtown core of Toronto - the presentation was assembled to showcase opportunity.


Agency: BMIR
Role: Strategy, Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
Copy: David McEwan
Account Management: Shelley Merchant
Project Management: Olya Bogoyevich
Production: Jason Chesebrough, Stephen Thut
Photography: Banko Media
Video Production: Cartilage Films