Toronto-Dominion Centre is undergoing a 500 million dollar revitalization and setting the standards for sustainability in Toronto.

Part of the larger revitalization was a Living Roof on the Toronto-Dominion Bank Pavilion. Surfaced in enviro-friendly grass, not only does it conserve energy, it also reduces storm water runoff and collects CO2. 

Issue: No-one can actually see the roof. After playing with various concepts, we took over a thorough-fare of Toronto-Dominion Centre, and transformed it into a gallery style exposition with window coverings, exhibits, roof view video streams and time-lapse production that educated, informed and promoted the Living Roof.


Exposition Banner design

To create an atmosphere of an exposition, 15' tall banners were designed and positioned throughout the exhibit space.

Exposition Atmosphere

Utilizing the majority of the link-way space to promote the Living Roof, atmosphere was established by employing a take-over approach in regards to creative. Full scale semi-transparent photography covered the windows to establish mood and serve to document the roof refurbishing/grass installation story. 

Structural pillars were vinyl wrapped to reflect TD Tower, while a scale model of the roof itself was built and positioned below allowing for visitors to get a birds-eye view. A full scale cutaway of the roof system and grass itself was created and positioned in-front of various forms of explanatory window/floor decals, while another exhibit featured a video stream of the roof in real-time and played time-lapse footage of the process.



Documenting a historic structure designed by Mies Van der Rohe during its transition of the roof from asphalt to green, the idea was to time-lapse the process and create a gallery at the Toronto-Dominion Centre, showcasing the work, the time and the result.

With months of painstaking time-lapse photography shot purposefully and beautifully by Banko Media the final assembly pulled from 86 hours of footage into 3 distinct videos and set to an ambient sound track allowed these videos to be part of an Exposition held at the Toronto-Dominion Centre, and tell the story of the work.

Positioned as part of a "view" exhibit, these series of time-lapse videos cycled beside a monitor that held a real-time video feed of the Living Roof in its current state (as the roof is not visible from the ground). It truly represented a before and after view.

Agency: BMIR
Role: Strategy, Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
Account Management: Shelley Merchant
Production: Jason Chesebrough, Stephen Thut
Photography, Video: Banko Media