The amazing folks at Relish contacted me to work on a variety of imagery for Subway Canada's Facebook page back in 2013 - and I've had the distinct pleasure of building out a series of images for promotional updates.  Sometimes I composite imagery to make the visual pieces, sometimes it involves a photoshoot.... sometimes I have to use condiments as my tools to layout intricate typographic elements - this is sheer play.  

Subway is the kind of gig that has me up and in the studio hours before I should have, just to tinker around and make wonderful pictures.  A lot of these elements look simple, but each build runs approximately 3 hours of detail work.  

Every image related to a seasonal or social event, it's neat to look back and see the range of items - and I got a great kick out of watching the likes and comments on Facebook! Also, let's be clear - Subway fans are massive brand supporters... Seeing a few thousand likes on an image you've created is the norm - and it's always satisfying!




Agency: Relish
Creative Direction: Sacha Rapaso
Design: Jason Chesebrough
Project Management: Jayson Flick