Shoppers Drug Mart: Going Mobile

As part of an internal tech-restructuring, Shoppers Drug Mart made a very bold move and transitioned the entire staff to a Google environment.  Email, Intranet, Documents - it was all Google now, and that needed a campaign around it to inform, educate and offer assistance.

This project brought with it, a number of neat design dilemmas;

  • It had to communicate immediately that this was a WiFi based program, and while rooted in Google, feel "Shoppers" in totality.
  • It needed to speak to a broad range of technical skill levels; some open to the change freely, others with hesitation and potentially trepidation.
  • It needed to be scalable for future implementation and addition.
  • It needed to communicate quickly - as while this was a very important internal re-structure, people are busy and couldn't devote countless hours deciphering, translating and trying to comprehend various elements of it.

For me, it begun with the brand identity, as this allowed for the creation of a visual language: 


Communicating mobility was key; Working from recognized visual systems, WiFi was communicated through the Shoppers Brand, while Google was referenced through typography and colour.


The main elements of the program were switching to WiFi, introducing the Shoppers Drug Mart Intranet, moving people to a Bring Your Own Device platform, and then introducing Google Apps as the final piece.  To this effect, each element was given a large, instantly recognizable simple shape, founded in the iconic Shoppers Drug Mart "mortar and pestle" element, then assigned a Google colour value.

This became the core visual language that all supporting iconography then built from.


With a change this sweeping, people obviously had queries. Associating again, the brand platform with mobile technology iconography, the development of the "Google Guide" (an expert that can help) was accomplished, utilizing both the currently established GPS locator icon and chat shape.  These elements were integrated into signage for the office.


T-shirt designs then established a casual connection between the expert and the advice seeker, and utilized real language to breakdown any personal barriers that may come with asking for help.


The iconography created was fun, simple, bold and progressive.  It's extensions for use were not limited to communicating concepts in an e-Blast or poster - but throughout the office environment, which would enable the creation of a distinctive atmosphere.


Launching the entire campaign, an intranet for Shoppers Drug Mart was developed (SDMi) and launched through Google services.  Though designed before the branding exercise, the intent of developing a platform that provides information with ease is evident.

Utilizing a magazine style approach, a hierarchy of information systems was developed to showcase aggressive to passive importance for information flow.  Bright, clean and airy - the overall design was engaging and usable, unfortunately elements the previous Intranet did not share.


Agency: BMIR
Strategy, Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design: Jason Chesebrough
Account Management: Brad Rudin
Project Management: Olya Bogoyevich
Production: Rita Chan, Alberto DelBove