With a need for complete rebranding and a digital presence relaunch, this project was built with the audience in mind.

With a marketplace demographic focusing on clients who have never purchased loose tea, the brand was created to be accessible and inviting.  Online, the site became a dual approach of education and purchase. Seven Sisters Tea believes in presenting the experience without a "tea snob" approach, knowing full well that customers can get overwhelmed when presented with over 120 types of tea for consumption.  

Their focus in this project was to make the tea experience fun and personal, enjoyable and educational.


The visual approach for the brand reflects the purpose of accessibility and open invitation.  Using a hand drawn, single cup as the core focus, the understanding of the brand offering is immediate.

Conceptually, the intent of this piece was to begin to lay the ground work for making tea "a me moment".  Giving people the personal permission to have five to ten minutes of the day just for them.  The swirling whisp of steam from the cup provides context to that moment of pouring, waiting and quietly anticipating flavour and the relaxation so often associated with tea.

Introducing the core typographic "7" creates a strong brand identification that is carried through in other uses of the identity, and allows for the presentation to combine the wordmark, or live on its own as a more iconographic based piece.

The identity itself reveals an earthy based colour combination, that is part of a larger brand use, with each colour selected specifically from the ingredients found in Seven Sisters loose leaf tea.


Online, the site becomes the basis for presentation of the brand, as well as the users educational experience.  Designed in a single scrolling page, its layout uses tablet behaviour for accessing content that the market demographic is comfortable with.

Implementation of the brand, introduction of the "me moment" through a large promotional area and quick bursts of information specific to the tea making process, allows for ease, control and relaxed content consumption.


Agency: Wilfred Kirby
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
Project Management: Jason King