My process isn't some big creative juggernaut that reflects to the insights of Poincaré or Graham Wallas - at least not directly.



2 heads are better than 1, so it goes to say that 4 heads are better than 2. I dig working together, and am open to come in for briefing, ideation or brainstorm sessions - hell, I'll even throw concepts around at the pub with you.  But just because we work together, doesn't mean I'm going to be on-site everyday.  

The cabinet maker who's kitchen you've ordered, doesn't build it in your new dream space - that's because the tools, the set up and the materials to build the project live in a shop somewhere; and the hours he or she takes to make the piece, don't always ante up to 8 per day.

I'm inspired and driven by my own methods - and while technology enables the ultimate production, there's a lot more that gets me going than any office has to offer.  Sights, sounds, areas to explore - there are a plethora of things that I draw on to create.