Hamilton is the ultimate blue collar town - that's no surprise to anyone.  But due to this, there seems to be a stigma applied to it as a viable alternative to living and working in the downtown core.  Yet with lease rates, property prices, taxes and mortgages at an all time high in Toronto, people are looking for alternatives.  

Hamilton is looking to capitalize on this; with a bustling upstart of new business life, larger properties drastically less expensive, a thriving arts community and a commute equal to or less than other locales in the GTA, a drive is on to alter perceptions. 

The new campaign focuses on the benefits of Hamilton in direct comparison to other cities.  With a showcase of lifestyle based photography, it extends from magazine advertisements to GO billboards, digital development in sites and banners and will extend to a close rebrand of the differentiators that does make Hamilton a viable alternative to the high cost of Toronto.


Agency: Banko Media
Strategy: Dan Banko, Jason Chesebrough
Design: Jason Chesebrough
Photography: Banko Media