Working with Project Runway, Post-it wanted a campaign that showcased product in an environment that was out of the ordinary.

Utilizing the basis of the television show; fashion designers pitted against each other weekly to create outfits that were unique (and using whatever fabric or material given to them that week), an application was created online to support the program.

Living within the Facebook environment, and on a dedicated microsite, participants were tasked to create their own fashion masterpieces entirely out of Post-it notes.  This extended to fully interactive banners and utilized subtle imagery of beauty as associated with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Engagement for user was first introduced as a chance to win a $5000 shopping spree with one of the stars of the program - however as they interacted with the application, the true nature of customization kept them tweaking, adjusting and fitting for a substantial amount of time.


The unique element within this application however, was user-behaviour.  After spending many hours with various females shopping in a variety of capacities, it became apparent to me that unlike men, the perfect outfit could be ruined by a button too high, sleeves too short or a dress just a little longer than desired.  The application allowed for style, colour and pattern integration, but also allowed for adjustments to collar plunge, pant length and so forth - truly allowing the user to create their own outfit. 



Ramon K Perez was responsible for the illustration of this application, and we spent hours working back and forth, completely immersing ourselves in world of peep-toes, hair styles, necklines and handbag choices.  This knowledge has greatly benefited me to this day :)

Ramon has gone on to illustrate the last graphic novel that Jim Henson wrote, and has won a series of Eisner awards for his work.  He is currently inking for Marvel Entertainment and travels the world supported by a massive fan base. 


This program was a massive success.  Winning multiple awards, over 13,000 designs were submitted during the run of the contest, with an average time spent by user of over 14 minutes.


Agency: Dashboard
Strategy: Jason Chesebrough
Creative Direction, Art Direction: Jason Chesebrough
Design: Chris Obergfell
Production: Anthony Sapp, Tim Arney, David Blonski
Illustration: Ramon K Perez