Jason Chesebrough is a Creative - an artist, designer, collaborator and director that embraces all forms of media for the express purpose of making things that people can experience. 

A digital wise and seasoned creative drawing on a multi-disciplinary perspective, his work often embraces a transmedia platform approach to enhance a users engagement with a brand, and make their experience more intuitive and rewarding.  Embracing these mediums translates into a focus for the express purpose of producing work for audience engagement - be this on the consumer level with brands, or in a corporate communications approach. 

For Chesebrough, it's more than building a website, an installation, an ad or a campaign - it's about making people feel and think.

Craftsmanship is something that experience has taught him, this industry needs more of; too often the jump is direct into ad buys, tactics or bells and whistles, but belief should be solely placed on the experience rather than the end result, with an idea founded in strategy creates stronger work, with more powerful results.

"I'm constantly refining personal process and approach, and want my work to inspire, innovate and push. Every project for me is an opportunity to apply alternate perspectives throughout, whether it's leading a new business pitch or creating solutions that have a business impact for clients, and emotional impact for the audience."


Named as one of 'Canada's most influential innovators in the diverse field of media innovation' through a global collaborative initiative, Chesebrough develops work in a cross-disciplinary manner in all creative disciplines, conceptional through executional.


Jason Chesebrough's artwork (represented by Wilfred Kirby) captures the spirit of movement and plays with the context of nature in a simple and unique way. To view a collection of his paintings available for purchase, please click this link.

Specialties and Focus


User Experience
Transmedia/Multidimensional Storytelling
Social Media
User Flow

Narrative Creation and Interaction
Conceptual Production
Motion Design
Immersive Experiential Development